I am back!

I will start my blog again. I have been absent for so long. I don’t have an excuse for that. I tried a new blog, it was not successful. I really hope my readers will come back. I still do not know what is haunting me. When I sleep, when I am awake, all the time. That is why I am starting here again. Maybe one day I can find out what haunts me. Someday, not now.

I am happy, but at the same time I am not happy at all.. My life is falling together again, but not the same way as before. I do believe I have anger problems. When someone pisses me off, I can be bitchy and fool around and pretending to be joking about, but on the inside I mean it. I am such an awful person. I can still not believe my boyfriend wants to be with me, and spend the rest of our life together. I love him for holding out with me. He is the one that sees my worst side, more than the good side. I hope everything will be better.

Lately I have listen a lot to music, specially Birdy. This is my favorite song.


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