An unspoken goodbye

Dearest Love,

It has been three months since you left and your presence still feels as close to me as it ever was. I feel you watching over me, protecting me from all the unknown fears that lie deep in my river of thoughts.

You sheltered me as if I were fragile and breakable. I am broken without you here. Time and space have no meaning. My hours turn to days, and my days turn to months for my shattered being.

I have been waiting every night with some hope you will appear and lie next to me, to listen to my unconscious thoughts as I sleep. I endlessly dream of you. My torn heart rages within like an oceans storm as it mourns.

The nights are not gentle without you. It is almost as if you were never real to me. You were the guardian of my heart, my compass to safety and home. You were a familiar scent, like the wind that passes through the trees on a pale moonlit night. I am left wading in this midnight stream. Come home to me if you can, grant me your unspoken goodbye and the brush of your lips.

I have spent hours wondering if you are mourning as well. To travel alone and isolated, to never again belong to anyone except the night and me. Through space and time, we were two pieces of fates puzzle. As surely as the sun’s rays weaken, and the moon rises, our souls will be intertwined until the end of time. We are to never sleep, never grow old, or never love another. Damn fate and grant me one last kiss as I sleep, but do not whisper goodbye.

Yours forever…


2 thoughts on “An unspoken goodbye

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