Brave little girl…

Brave little girl, drying your eyes. Brave little girl, hiding in the dark to scream silently. Brave little girl holding it all in when she sees you. Brave little girl with that big smile on your face. Brave little girl, taking your little brothers hand, leading him out to play so the yelling back home, won’t be so loud. Brave little girl you hear everything but still stand tall. You hear glasses breaking, names called. Brave little girl. I just wanted to say it’s okay to cry. I can hear you at night through the walls when you finally let it out. Don’t be scared to let it out. I know your mad, I know your hurt. I know that big smile on your face is for anyone around you. Brave little girl, you don’t have too be so brave.

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8 thoughts on “Brave little girl…

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  2. I read this, and I had to fight back tears. I’ve definitely had to be that brave little girl (even though I’m not quite so little anymore)…thanks for not being afraid to post something as true-to-life, relatable, and even possibly controversial as this.

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