I cry alone…

I cry alone

No one to see

No one to ask

I just cry alone

In the darkness

In the solitude

Of my room

I cry alone


I plea

And beg

for something

To change

Still I cry

I cry alone


Angry confused

It isn’t fair

I want to give up

I don’t want to lose it all

I pray to God

But He doesn’t hear me

He will not answer me

I am alone

Desperately I cry out

Full of aguish

My hope is gone

Faith is lost

It hurts to admit

These thoughts

No they have not been

Voiced to another

Because I can only

Cry alone

I search in the mirror

Gazing at the reflection

Trying to see

What is so wrong with me

My eyes fill up

The tears begin

To stream down my face

I look around me

Just to see

Yes, I am still alone

Crying alone

I want to believe

I am not alone

That people care

That He hears me

But from where I stand

I can’t.

I want to but as

Hard as I try

I can’t do it.




Tears escape

I cry alone.


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