Unlike you

Unlike you, I have more to offer then my body. At least that’s the statement some people think you’re making.

Unlike you, I talk to people rather than shaking my ass to show I’m a fun person to be around.

Unlike you, I dress for my body shape, I don’t just dress my body in anything that’s short even though it does not fit.

Unlike you, I can get attention from whomever if I wanted to, without showing off my legs, ass or boobs.

Unlike you, people take me serious when I walk up to them, it’s a matter of attitude and first impressions.

Unlike you, I don’t have to be loud to get others to listen to me.

Unlike you, I have the confidence in my self as a person, I know my value, and don’t have to use my looks to get the boost of confidence. To get complimented on something you said, is far better than get a compliment of your body. If you’re really confident, you would already know your body is stunning. And if you knew this you would not parade around showing it to anyone who cares to see.

If you’re anything like what i just wrote, you’re doing it right! You don’t have to show off your looks to be liked, listened to or complimented. And if you’re not like this yet, you will be. Just give it time. Learn to love your self, on the inside. Trust that you have wits instead of a great par of legs. Trust that you have something worthy to say instead of the size of your boobs. And trust that your body is stunning, even though it’s not easy to see it all the time. To have confidence in your self is by far different to know your pretty. Pretty isn’t interesting. And it does not attract the right crowd even though you might think so. Remember, looks fade and the people wanting you for it may also fade with it.


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