I don’t deserve it…

I think being ignored could possibly be one of the worst feelings in the world. It’s hard to explain just how painful it is. You want to talk to that person more than anything, and yet they’re doing everything they can to avoid you. You try to communicate with them, and you get no response. You send them a message, and you wonder if they even took the time to read it. Or maybe they just deleted it without a single glance. And it’s not like you’ll ever know, because they refuse to give you the time of day. Some days you just think, “I’m done, I’m giving up.” And other days you give it your full effort, because that’s how badly you miss them. And how sad is it to miss someone you see every single day? How sad is it to cry with them just a short distance away from you? But what does it matter? They don’t know how you feel. Or if they do, they probably wouldn’t care. All they care about is keeping you away from them. You feel as if you’re not good enough, because if you were then they would still be talking to you. You feel broken and worthless and you wish more than anything that you could make them smile. But you know it’s not going to happen any time soon.


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