Have you ever been attached to someone you shouldn’t be?

I wouldn’t call it an obsession, no. Just a fondness.

It’s innocent really

But it bothers me.

We’ve got this relationship, a better one than the usual

It kind of hurts to see him develop this same relationship with others though…

But I love it because I guess I feel like I don’t have that with anyone else

I suppose that’s why I’m so attached…

Man, writing this out is making me realize things that I didn’t know before…

Maybe I’m so attached to him because I have no one else to have a connection with

And maybe this is one of those things that, as soon as I find someone who has that connection with me, I’ll just forget about this other guy.

The problem with that, is I doubt anyone else will come along.

So I have to force myself to let go, for my own good

Even though I really don’t want to

Because, like I said, I guess my happiness feeds off that sense of belonging to someone…

That feeling that’s really hard to explain. You just feel like they put you above everyone else; like they like you a little better.

But it’s all just a sense of false belonging that I’m making up to comfort myself from the pain of actually having no one.

Damn, I should be a psychiatrist.



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