The Dream

“he” is in reference my gentleman friend whose face I did not see in my dreams. However “he” does have familiar characteristics, features and mannerisms. For instance; I recognize the voice, his lips, and the way he touches me.
Unknown, as I seem to have entered this mental picture amidst the beginning. One can assume however, that we are entering a hotel.

As we exit the elevator he quickly slides his arm behind mine taking my freezing cold hand into his which is much warmer. At a quick pace we make our way down the dimly lit hallway. Not the gloomy kind of dim where the fluorescents are nearly burnt out kind of dim. But the kind that is warm, inviting, intentionally dim so that you feel relaxed and calm. The lighting is a nice touch but does not produce the calming affect as intended.

He quickens our pace, pulling me slightly faster to our destination. Before I can comment on the sweaty grip he has on my hand he releases it, putting his oh so warm hand on my back leading me toward the door. I shiver in response to his warm touch, I am cold…nervous.

Approaching the door he slides one arm around my waist pulling me back into him. He leans in to gently brush his lips across my neck while attempting to unlock the door with his other hand. Neither of us seem to note his fleeting attempt at unlocking the door as we are both distracted by his lips lingering near the base of my neck.

I no longer have thought control only excitement and a racing pulse. I am no longer cold as I can feel the heat radiating from our bodies.

It is though in unison we realize that unless we get through the door we won’t be taking this any further. As he inserts the key card, I turn the handle and we push through the door. In our rush he turns me facing him and pulls me back to him.

As the door shuts our lips meet, he kisses me softly and locks the door. It seems like forever since I have felt like this…Only his lips feel like that on mine, make my heart speed up and slow down in one breath. He kisses me again this time parting my lips with his, inserting his tongue he kisses me deeply. He turns us around and gently pushes me against the door, kissing me faster and deeper until he starts again toward my neck.

Unlacing our fingers he proceeds to trace the frame of my body from my hips to my breasts, cupping them ever so gently. I’m running my hands through his hair as his hands continue to work their way up and down my body, his lips alternate from my lips to neck. I turn keeping pressed tight against his body while he continues to kiss my neck. I gently sway rubbing my ass against his cock. I know what this is doing to him and it only makes me want him more.

With my hands behind my back I locate his belt and start to undo it, tugging at both ends pulling him with me toward the bed as I continue to undo his pants. I want him, I want him inside of me. Neither can stand the tension any longer… He lifts my shirt quickly removing it and moves on to undo my pants.

As we are peeling away the clothes getting closer to having each other the breathing is becoming rapid as if we are gasping for air. We both are ready, can’t take the anticipation any longer.

He bends me over ever so sweetly letting his hand trace down the spine of my back. Carefully I guide his hard cock into me and push back against him with one deep moan of pleasure. Keeping one hand on the small of my back, and the other on my hip he allows me to be in control. I slide forward slowly and push back quickly on his hard dick rhythmically… I can hear his low controlled breathing getting heavier and small moans of pleasure. I continue this pace stopping every so often to allow him one deep thrust into me before I proceed.

Lightly he runs his fingers up my side and down my arms that are holding the edge of the bed. Taking my wrists up into one of his hands he brings them above my head and pushes my upper body down onto the bed. He is now in control. Not letting go of my wrists he grabs my hip as he pushes hard and deep into my pussy till he makes me scream in pleasure. He knows just how to make me cum….His quick hard thrusts are bringing me closer when he releases my wrists slows his pace and reaches around to rub my clit. It doesn’t take long before I am pushing back against him harder, speeding the pace. He has me beggin for him to make us both cum…. He grabs my hips with both hands and begins to oblige me. With swift firm strokes, pulling my ass toward him and pushing me away, I feel my climax start. The flush warm feeling coming over me I begin to moan louder, I am no longer begging him I am telling him… “Make me cum! Cum in me!”… and then I feel him get rigid and thrust into me one last time with a deep moan.


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