An Unspoken Apology

I miss my friends. I am nothing without them. I feel as if I’ve reached a dead end. They were my glue now I’m falling to pieces, I’m crumbling apart but I keep on going like I did from the start. Without them there is nothing to look forward to. I stay at home and wish for something new. I have no chance to find others I’m to afraid that they’ll reject me for another. I messed up I know it’s true, but sometimes my thoughts drift away and I have idiotic things I say. Some of it was true, I cried some nights because of you but not all I said was the honest truth. I did say things to bring you down make you feel the way I did, it was wrong I can admit. I shouldn’t have sunk so low, to throw things in your face when I know what your going through. As you said I did things wrong, I could have picked up the phone more often then I had, I don’t blame you I know what love can do. So I’m at fault I won’t ignore that. But don’t tell me I’m wrong for feeling left out, you had a schedule all worked out and I needed help but couldn’t interrupt those days. I wish I could apologize a hundred times and you’d come back, but deep inside I know it’d be a lie to say that I regret it all. I feel as if you needed to know how all this time I’ve felt so low. maybe though I could have done it differently then run my mouth with a couple drinks. Maybe in time we will be alright, I miss you now that you aren’t by my side. I need my glue to keep me together, I hope you’ll forgive me because I need you


One thought on “An Unspoken Apology

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