Name it by what it means to you…

I loved you…so preciously, like a newborn baby not even released from the hospital wrapped up with a pink or blue blanket.

I loved you…so passionately, with the soft gentle touch of a wife’s hand cupping her husband’s face as close to her face as possible.

Tell me how can one love what she has never had.

I’ve thought about you, what you do, can I come too?

Because I loved you…so warmly like a man wrapping his arms around the fragile woman becoming her sword and shield.

Because I loved you…so calmly the way the breeze blows through my hair on such a warm, sunny day.

I want to go to a place where I am wrapped in your arms and you never let go.

Has the time passed, alas, the bright sun shining over the hill, and we are at a stand-still?

And I loved you…so dearly like a grandmother to her grand-child awakened from a frightened dream.

And I loved you…so truthfully the way husband and wife commit to each other on the wedding day.

Your light shines so brightly against me, if I am a reflection of you, I must be fly and I know why.

It could all be so simple, but I’m sleeping with a broken heart

Because I loved you…and I still do…


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