I refuse to wait for you.



AND waiting.

I’ve decided that I’m done with waiting.

Today, I make my decision to turn off the phone.

Turn off all the connections that leads to you.


maybe i’ll leave the phone on silent,

so that you can call but I might not know…


I’ll just block you from my FB but yet I’ll secretly prowl onto your FB page each morning..


Its the past.

Why did we even try to reconnect again when we both know that we have our own life to move on to.

What is the purpose of telling me that you still love me and then turn around and tell me your ‘prospective dates’ available…

telling me how pretty they look…

telling how tall they are….

telling me that they are models…

I’m doing my best to support all that you need in your life now.

I’m smiling as if nothing stings….

But who am i kidding,

Today I REFUSE to wait.

I’m turning off my whatsapp…

I’m turning off my skype…

We need to end this.

Memories should remain memories.

Nothing more than that.

*BUT…. I still miss you*


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